Post-pandemic fashion – Top trends to watch out for in Fall/Winter 2021

Post-pandemic fashion – Top trends to watch out for in FallWinter 2021 (2)

In what can be termed as one of the most unusual years in recent ‘fashion times’, designers and high fashion labels have had their creative juices flowing in overdrive, working day and night to cater to a consumer who is rapidly evolving.

Changing needs, demands, priorities and circumstances all come together to dictate the current fashionscape – laying emphasis on comfort and well-being. There is no beating around the bush, as the consumers today are sure of what they want.

Unlike staple fashion shows that enjoy a huge audience complete with front row celebs, bloggers and the crème de la crème of the fashion world posing as muses, this season marked the third instalment of the fashion industry opting for digital and phygital showcases, presented via an array of virtual films, look books or extremely intimate gatherings.

As we look towards the approaching frosty months, we see a slow transition to ditch homewear-bound clothing for a more elevated form of dressing that is not afraid to have fun.

After a year of being tied down in the confines of their homes, consumers are now looking at a rebound via ‘look at me’ details that mirror the urge of self-expression.

Right from patterned knitwear, to shimmering silver, to leopard prints, to statement sleeves, a new narrative surrounding the way we dress is forming – and yet, it is all rooted deeply in comfort.

Explore our report below to update yourself on the top trends that are set to dictate the trends for the upcoming Fall/Winter 2021 season.


Animal prints are a mainstay of fashion – they’ve been around for so long now that it would be safe to categorise them under the file name of CLASSICS.

Notorious for finding its way into the seasons, one way or the other, this wild, fierce and bold print is coming in strong for the Fall/Winter 2021 womenswear season.

What sets it apart this time around though, is the pattern or print per day, which is being highlighted, i.e., the leopard print.

These black and brown spots were spotted across many a runway showcases right from Dolce and Gabbana, to Dior to Budapest Select, to Blumarine, to Etro.
No other proof is needed to ascertain the dominance of this print in the approaching wintery months.


The past year halted and confined everyone into the sanctuary of their homes where comfort was paramount.

This year of confinement has led to consumers wanting to express themselves and let themselves be seen, heard, known and create a statement… and what better way to create a statement than standing out in the crowd like a spotlight! Shiny and metallic silver is the colour of the season when it comes to Fall/Winter 2021 fashion.

Not just limited to slinky dresses and sequinned tops, this colour has found its way into puffy quilted jackets, head-to-toe embellished looks, swanky athleisure pieces and footwear. Interesting takes using lurex, faux leather, knits, etc., make for noteworthy techniques.

One thing is for certain – there’s no shying away from the limelight this season.


A theme that is overlapping in the womenswear domain from the menswear showcases this season, is the very strong presence of patterned knitwear pieces for Fall.

Now we all are aware that knitwear is synonym with the winter season and as long as the mind can recall, we’ve all grown up with our grandmom weaving her magic and love into beautiful knitted pieces throughout our childhood.

Tapping on the same nostalgia and comfort associated with those carefree and safe days (especially during a time like this when the world craves for safety and familial connection), designers and high fashion labels alike are injecting the fashionscape with colourful patterned knitwear pieces that highlight geometric patterns, floral motifs and mountain imagery.

A vivid colour palette of bright reds, blues, pinks, yellows and greens enliven the garments in an effort to uplift the mood of the times.

This winter is gonna be all about that warm, cosy yet elevated sweater feeling thanks to Chanel, Miu Miu, Balenciaga, et al.


In line with the ongoing trend of crop tops for summer, the fashion fraternity introduces the trend of cropped jackets going into the winter season.

Sparking a sort of rebellion, these midriff baring silhouettes demand equal parts respect and fierceness.

We really like Chanel’s hot pink pantsuit look, as well as Emilia Wickstead’s feminine take on the trend with a coordinated set.

Broad, statement shoulders teamed up with flared trousers as seen at Vetements and Laquan Smith, are another norm when it comes to this trend.


As has been established earlier on in this report, knitwear is here to reign. If there’s one thing we have all as consumers as well as brands,  placed precedence over in the year gone by, it is COMFORT.

And what is more comfortable during the frostier months than cosy knits that can take the form of your body any which way that you would please, and at the same time help you maintain a suitable body temperature when it’s freezing outside? Welcome, the total knitwear look.

Designers and high fashion labels such as Jonathan Simkhai, Zanni, Adam Lippes and Fendi, amongst others, nod towards luxe knitwear prices in wool and cashmere in a wide variety of figure flattering silhouettes that are pose perfectly as transitional pieces.


Fashion is cyclical, hence there was no surprise in spotting this ’90s fav resurface on the runways of Fall/Winter 2021.

Coming from a colour family that symbolises royalty, this tone of purple has a youthful charm attached to it.

It’s no coincidence that the ongoing decade also puts the ’90s babies into the bracket of core spenders so it’s but natural to have lilac and lavender hues trending — what a genius way to attract consumer spending. Making a strong impression in Milan, these hues continued to crop up on the global runways, further strengthening their moment under the sun for the upcoming season.

Seen on everything right from cosy knits, to party wear to outerwear pieces to suiting, this colour is here to stay.


Call it quilting, or the puffer or the padding technique— this fashion trend is only getting stronger by the season.

High fashion versions feature elevated jackets and coats in cropped styles, metallic styles (a la Balmain), extra-long lengths (as seen at Rick Owens) and/or floor grazing quilted gowns as popularised by Thom Browne.

Choose your pick and stay cosy in this hot ‘of the moment’ winter essential that is just as practical as it is trendy!


A timeless fashion accessory, this versatile fashion piece is back with a bang!

Head scarves can be cited back to the times of Egyptian queens, popularised by Hollywood divas, and even been a mainstay of clothing in Muslim culture since time immemorial.

As cultural codes continue to blur and modest fashion continues to reign, fashion brands and designers alike are bringing this transitional, flexible vintage marvel back in the game by presenting varied styling techniques, prints, patterns and materials – the most noticeable one being satin.

Spotted across the runways of Christian Dior, Max Mara, Elisabetta Franchi, Huishan Zhang, Kenzo, Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini, and even Versace – there is no doubt about the fact that this the head scarf is all set to pose as a key takeaway for the upcoming Fall/Winter 2021 season.

Post time: Dec-10-2021